8x8 VoIP Phone Systems Service

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Save Money with;
Combined Services!

Unified Cloud Based Services Saves Money! 8x8 Virtual Office Cloud-Based Phone Integrated Systems end the need for the old PBX Systems. Cloud based hybrid solutions that cost you more money and manpower hours generated from the poor communications. You can't afford to have the types of issues and downtime created by "Band Aid" fixes!

Seamlessly switch devices.

With 8x8 Virtual Office you can seamlessly switch your call/ or virtual meeting from your desk phone to your mobile phone or from your desktop to your mobile phone screen. You can access voicemail and call forwarding on any device with your local and remote users. Your partners and co-workers can reach you anywhere anytime from any device!

Web confenencing, Instant Messaging, and Video Calling

Keep your communications moving with 8x8 virtual office you can move from device to device while attending Web Confenences, or during an important IM discussion with a customer.So seamless your customer can't tell you are changing devices. SWitch to your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Close the limitations and bridge the gaps in your systems.

Be customer focused with Unified Communications Tools

8x8 virtual office features CRM management tools and capabilities. Office analytics Dashboard to monitor progress in real-time. Contact Center Solutions. Data analytics and reports to know and control your business better. Guarantee that your Call Center is Optimized so your agents can deliver a higher level of service and track your progress.